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❓ ABOUT THE 6B45 (6Б45) VEST


The 6B45 (6Б45) is the bulletproof vest for almost all branches of the Russian army as of the day of publication of this entry.

It is part of the Ratnik Program as the main bulletproof vest, combined with other models such as the 6B46 (6Б46) vest, used in some more specific branches such as the Воздушно-десантные войска (VDV, paratroopers) or Морская пехота (Naval infantry).


In this publication we will deal with the 6B45 (6Б45) vest historical-social face.

If what you are looking for is more information about the Ratnik Program, we recommend that you click on the image to go to its review, where you can find dimensions, weight, material characteristics, among other relevant information.


📋 6B45 (6Б45) HISTORY


The 6B45 (6Б45) was born from the need to simplify and lower the cost of the production of its predecessor, the 6B43 (6Б43). There are slight differences between the two, which we will detail later, although the basic concept is the same.


Although its first official appearance was in 2013 during a Russian Defense Ministry Innovation Day exhibition (День инноваций Минобороны России) [SOURCE 1SOURCE 2], it has been gradually distributed among all branches of the Russian army of gradually until today, as we have seen in our Ratnik program post.

⚙️ 6B45 (6Б45) MAIN FEATURES


We have not found the reference of the materials used for the construction of the 6B45 (6Б45), although having more pieces of the Ratnik Program and seeing the texture, the colors, how the textile is woven, I would dare to assure that it is Art fabric 04с27 (Mogotex) or some kind of 1000D Nylon fabric (Cordura Style), like the padded part of the girdle of the 6Sh117.

As for the compression tapes and those used for the PALS panel itself, they are simple Nylon straps.
The fastex clips are plastic and have the appearance of being of national production, they do not have any type of engraving, although they are of excellent quality. Personally, I have jogged quite a bit, they have been beaten, stomped, and done a thousand doggies and they haven’t even scratched themselves. In short, like all the material in the Ratnik Program, the 6B45 (6Б45) is built in materials of national manufacture but of very good quality, something to be expected taking into account the resistance and durability requirements that an element with military spec.


Regarding the design of the 6B45 (6Б45), it is a one-piece vest, designed to cover a large part of the wearer’s body, but nevertheless not as intrusive as other vests (such as the British Osprey Mk.IV or the American IOTV ).

This can be seen perfectly in the front and back panels shape , which do not try to copy human anatomy but are basically rectangles. For this reason, we believe that it could be considered as an intermediate vest between the conventional body armor and the minimalist vest.

6B45 (6Б45)´S SAUSAGES

It is not that it is the most technical or tactical name in the world and it doesnt need to be.
The 6B45 (6Б45) has 2 sausages sewn to the sides of the vest (Although in some units it is in the upper part of the shoulder.

I imagine it will be a question of the generation of the vest). The utility of these is to secure the 6Sh11X load bearing vests. and 25L patrol backpack and prevent them from slipping.

Inside they have a foam, so if the user wants to remove them, they can do it easily, although personally I have to say that it is an EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE addition to be able to carry vests and backpacks without slipping, although it is true that they hinder the power to aim quickly by interfering with the butt of a long gun.

IMAGN: Detail of how the handle of the backpack is “caught”, preventing it from slipping.

IMAGE: Detail of the foam of the sausage. As you can see, it can be removed from its compartment in case you don’t want to use it. It is a simple foam that is used to protect fragile materials when shipping).


Inside the 6B45 (6Б45) cover itself, it has velcro to place different anti-trauma panels covered with gel and ribbed to facilitate air circulation between the vest and the body. They can be placed both on the front and rear panels, as well as on the sides.

TOP LEFT IMAGE: Detail of the female / male velcro of the vest and the panels, as well as their distribution.

TOP RIGHT IMAGE: Detail of the size of the panels. Note the difference between the height of a panel of SIZE 1 (green) and SIZE 2 (Black).

IMAGE BOTTOM RIGHT LEFT: Detail of the engraving on each of the panels. In order from top to bottom and from left to right: 6B43
P1 and P2 (The size. In this case the black panels that I have are Size 2 while the green ones are Size 1)
грудь спина (Chest / Back): The panels are interchangeable. They can be put both forward and back.
верх: Indicates that they are the panels to put on the front, at the top. Not on the sides of the vests.
НПФ ТЕХИНКОМ: The manufacturing company.


The 6B45 (6Б45) has a quick disconnect system that allows you to dispose of the vest in case of need. The cable that carries and that is fixed to the front part of the collar joins the different panels of the vest, causing that once said collar is pulled it is dismounted. Below you can see it in detail.


Depending on the user’s personal height, the 6B45 (6Б45) can be found in 3 different sizes,

  • SIZE 1: For heights between 164-170cm.
  • SIZE 2: For heights between 170-184cm.
  • SIZE 3: For heights between 184-200cm.

The adjustment to the body is made by means of the inner harness, which is fastened with velcro, and to which the front panel is subsequently secured, which is fastened with 2 fastex clips to the sides of the vest. This is clearer in the video


Curiously, the 6B45 (6Б45) is not available in as many camouflage colors / patterns as it is with other components in the Ratnik Program. It is only available in:

  • Pink pig
  • EMR (Digital Flora)
  • Digital Beige.



Taking into account that the unit of the 6B45 (6Б45) to be analyzed is Size 1, these are the following measurements:

  • Front panel: 30×44 (LxH)
  • Rear panel: 30×51 (LxH)
  • Side panels: 26×23 (LxH)


Depending on the configuration you choose to use, the 6B45 (6Б45) weighs:

  • ONLY THE 6B45 (6Б45) EMPTY AND WITHOUT PLATES): 2.4 Kg. (Taking as reference a size 1 vest)
  • THE 6B45 (6Б45) WITH PLATES: Depending on the option chosen, the weight of the set is estimated between 8.5Kg and 16Kg.


The vest itself houses an aramid fabric sewn inside. To expand the 6B45 (6Б45) bulletproof capabilities, you need ballistic plates and soft armor. The compartments for these are located on the outside of the front and rear panel, while the compartment for the plates and the soft armor on the side is inside.


Like the 6B47 (6Б47), the 6B45 (6Б45) is built for positive buoyancy.

In addition, the 6B45 (6Б45) can also be fitted with a groin and shoulder pads to extend the covered body surface.
This complete set is often referred to as 6B45-1 (6Б45-1)

IMAGES: Protection set for shoulder and groin pads. Source: Google Images.

As for its resistance, I have to say that, having bought it 3rd hand and having used it for practically 1 year in Crossfit with weight plates, it has not even come undone, nor has the fabric cracked or anything like that.

That is why I can assure you based on my personal experience that the 6B45 (6Б45) is a frankly hard vest, something to be expected from equipment that is expected to be military specifications, but that unfortunately, some are less than others.


Returning to the issue of the bulletproof protection provided by this vest, taking into account that the correct bulletproof plates are used, it is considered a vest with a protection level 5A (according to the Russian standard GOST R 50744-95), using a Granite plate BR5.

This means that it is capable of withstanding 3 impacts from 5.10 meters:

  • 148g steel core 57-N-323S bullets with 9.6g 7.62 × 54mmR gunpowder at a velocity of 820–840 m / s
  • 57-N-231 (PS) 122g hardened steel core bullets with 7.9g 7.62 × 39mm gunpowder at a velocity of 710–740 m / s.

The temperature values that ensure proper functioning of this bulletproof material is the standard for all Ratnik Program equipment: Between -50ºC and 50ºC.


Although we have not found detailed information about it, we know of the existence of at least 2 different generations for the 6B45 (6Б45). We cannot be sure if there are more, so if you know of the existence of any more, we ask that you let us know.

THE 6B43 (6Б43)

The 6B45 (6Б45) starts from the 6B43 (6Б43), a somewhat more expensive vest to produce than the one that differs mainly in the fixation of the aramid fabric inside, since, while in the 6B43 (6Б43) it is removable, 6B45 (6Б45) is sewn to the cover, so it cannot be removed.

Another difference is the grip band at the rear. While the 6B43 (6Б43) does not have it, the 6B45 (6Б45) does.

Below you can see the difference between both vests. The one on the left is a 6B43 (6Б43) and the one on the right is a 6B45 (6Б45).


As we have said, we have not found much information about the different generations of the 6B45 (6Б45), so we are going to take our vest (the one we materially own) as part of Generation 1.

However, the you should know that there are also other units with the “sausages” on the shoulders, so we would not know for sure if it is an earlier or later generation, and not even if it could be consider as a new generation or not.

There are also other units that do not have such “sausages”, as can be seen in the following image.


It is mainly distinguished in that all the strapping used (including that of the PALS Panel) is mimetized in EMR, like almost all the new equipment of the Ratnik Program produced from 2019/2020 onwards.

IMAGE: Visto en eBay.


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  • First place, the knowdoledge adquires by my own possession and use of this vest.