MilitariaGeneral is a dissemination medium about topics related to the military, tactical, police and military equipment, operational training and military history, where we focus on creating useful informational content for defense, security and emergency professionals.

Likewise, and with the aim of complementing the information we give on our main topics, we also touch on other secondary ones, such as Bushcraft, survival skills, first aid and other activities that take place in the natural environment.

This website was created with the aim of being a space to share experiences, talk about professional equipment, ask for and offer advice and information. useful and, in short, to try to learn from the best professionals in the setor.


Analyst, Researcher and Advisor focused on professional tactical, police and military equipment. Worker from Defense and Security Sector with the Geography and History degree started, and waiting to be finished. Military/Security equipment Collector, Buyer and Seller Collector, Buyer and Seller Passionate about Militaria, Military History, Geopolitics and Armed Conflicts as an object of study.


A special thanks to all those professionals who help us. Both those mentioned below and all those who, for reasons of security, privacy or desire, do not want us to share their data.

Demych Demych

(Demych Bakery)

Demych is a salesman of Russian military and police equipment. He usually has interesting and somewhat rare supplies to get today, at a reasonable price.


«Most interesting collectible stuff for late russian forces’ kits in one place. We are the bakery but we don’t sell bread. See? Already surprised. You will be even more surprised when you will check our equipment for sale!»