This post is dedicated to all those people who, in a selfless and altruistic way, want to help in one way or another to make this project go forward, so that we can continue to share quality content.

PERTINENT CLARIFICATION: To avoid misunderstandings I think it is proper to clarify this in a clear and concise way from the first moment: Currently this page does not generate enough money to be able to economically remunerate those who help us (and more than generate something, even at the moment is deficient). However, I don’t like getting help for free, so I’m always willing to be able to reach an amicable agreement where we both win, one way or another. An example of this is the “deal” I have with some of the people who help me translate certain languages ​​in exchange for giving visibility to their projects, and helping them with the languages ​​I know and use. I believe in the «Quid pro quo» so as far as possible, from MilitariaGeneral we will try to pay those who help us, even if it is not monetarily.

Do you define yourself with one or more of these points?

  • If you think there is something on this page that you can improve and you are one of the people who would rather act than complain.
  • If you think you can contribute a section or content that could be interesting for our audience.
  • If you have any kind of relationship with the world of military history, the military, the culture of defense, the outdoor army or any other topic that we deal with here, it resembles it, or is a derivative and you want to advise us on a topic specific.
  • If you know any other language and would like to help us with some translations that are complicated for us.
  • If you usually consume our content and would like to thank our outreach work.

If you identify with one or more of these points, here are some ideas with which you can help us so that we can continue to share quality, truthful content.



    The best way in which a grateful reader could help us, is simply by sharing our content with more people interested in the topics we cover. If you think our content is worth sharing, few outlets are more effective than word of mouth. A simple gesture such as sharing a link to one of our articles can significantly help other people to know us as well.


    It is a way to help without costing you anything. We earn a few euros (or cents, most of the time), and you buy the product at the same price.

    If through any of our publications or videos you have discovered a product that you liked and want to buy it, normally the purchase links of these publications are usually referral links (if so, you will always be notified of this).

    What these links do is that, when you buy something through them, a certain percentage is deposited in our account balance without any additional cost to you. The part that we take there would be the same percentage as what a publicist would take for advertising the product, when we act as such.

    This money usually remains deposited within the platform where it was purchased (for example, in Amazon, the proceeds with this remain in the balance of our account, so we can re-invest the earned with it in bringing more interesting material for review.


    Whether you know languages, whether you are a member of the any security organization (public or private ones, no matter), or a worker in the Defense and Security sector, if you are in love with equipment or simply consider that you can provide useful information that is related to the theme of this website…

    If you have a blog / website / instagram profile / youtube channel and substitutes, we can collaborate, although before that you have to know that from the MilitariaGeneral team we want to maintain a basic standard of quality, so we can only promote / Recommend content that we notice it has been worked on and adds value to the community. Sorry, from the MilitariaGeneral team we flatly refuse to share mediocre or ordinary content, and on the contrary, it will be a great pleasure to share new content, and that adds value to our audience.

    If you are interested in collaborating with MilitariaGeneral, get in touch with us through the CONTACT FORM that you will find further down on this page to talk about it. It will be a pleasure to help each other.


    Do you represent a brand or a store and would you like us to do a joint collaboration?

    Due to the values and ethics that we at MilitariaGeneral defend and promote, there are certain rules that must be met with regard to collaborations between MilitariaGeneral and brands. Rules that must be mutually compliant, among which are:

    • TOTAL SINCERITY ABOUT THE PRODUCTS TO BE ANALYZED: Our analyzes / reviews will not, under any circumstances, be misleading advertising.We will discuss the positives and negatives alike, in a distinctive way, and under our own standardized tests for materials analysis. You can read more about it in our post:🧪 STANDARIZED TESTS FOR MATERIALS ANALYSIS.
    • WE WILL NOTIFY OUR READERS  WHEN AN ANALYSIS / REVIEW IS BEING MADE WITH ASSIGNED  MATERIALS: In order not to betray the trust or deceive our readers, as long as a product has been given away / loaned / left / transferred / sent … .
    • LONG TEST TIME: It is possible that, due to the nature of the article to be analyzed, we may take more or less to get the analysis / review. This is because we want to test the article in depth to see what it is capable of, see when it begins to degrade and behave over time in order to always give as much useful information as possible to our readers. For obvious reasons, the time it takes to test the product cannot be defined, but from MilitariaGeneral we can guarantee that it will be the minimum possible, based on the mandatory and necessary basis that THE MINIMUM TIME FOR A PRODUCT TO BE ANALYZED BY US, IT HAS TO BE 1 YEAR. WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.
    • PRODUCT SUBMITTED TO A RIGOROUS AND METICULATED ANALYSIS: One of the basic premises of our project is to bring analyzes and reviews as detailed as possible, guaranteeing that it provides the maximum possible value to our readers.In principle, if a brand is sure of the quality of the products you offer should have no problem accepting these points. We are not interested in collaborating with manufacturers who do not produce products in such a way that even they themselves do not trust them, so if any store / brand / supplier … wishes to collaborate with us, they must take into account these points mentioned above. To learn more, we recommend that you fully read our


    MilitariaGeneral is a very complex project that involves a lot of time, effort, knowledge and experience behind it, and although we do our best to produce quality, truthful and accurate content, sometimes technical details can escape us. Either due to ignorance or simple confusion.

    For this reason, we encourage our most learned readers in the field to contact us through the CONTACT FORM that they may see if we have made a mistake, that some information is incomplete or if they simply want to help improve it. find at the bottom of this page.

    Please note that, in order to filter malicious messages, misinformation, hoaxes and general misinformation, we will ask you for proof of what you decide to tell us. At MilitariaGeneral we take the veracity of the information we share very seriously.


    If you have read all of the above and are still considering donating a small amount of money to us, first, first assess whether your financial situation is currently good enough to allow it, and second, let us personally thank you for the simple fact of having it. Very apreciated. Far from making money with this website, rather today it is in deficit. Paying for the services we use to build it, for maintaining the hosting and the domain has a monthly cost, so any help, no matter how little, is always good to mitigate those expenses. To donate, simply CLICK HERE, or on the yellow image next to the title, where it says «Donar». 


    If you want to help, but are nevertheless reluctant to give money, or if you like giving objects more than money itself, you can also help us by buying us a book. With it we can create more and better quality content. YOU CAN BUY IT THROUGH OUR AMAZON SPAIN WISHLIST.


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